Vol.18 Bingata, Okinawa | 沖縄 紅型

Japan | 日本,Okinawa | 沖縄


In July 2019, I will visit my favorite Okinawa again.
Bingata, Okinawa’s unique dyeing technique. We had a Bingata experience at a workshop in Shuri.

沖縄らしい雲のデザインを選び、色付けを。Choose a cloud design that is typical of Okinawa and color it in.

糊で型抜きした生地に、薄い色から塗って行く。色は混ぜないで、重ねて色合いを調整する。Paint the glued dough, starting with the lightest color. Do not mix the colors, but adjust the shades by layering them.

東京に戻ったらアイロンをかけて糊を水抜きして完成。どんな絵が出来上がるのか、楽しみ!When I return to Tokyo, I will iron and drain the glue to finish. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of picture will be created!

追記:できました^^  PS: It’s done.

追記:洗ったら縮みました PS: I washed it and it shrank.