vol.31 Awa indigo dye | 阿波藍をめぐる旅

Awa | 阿波,Japan | 日本



1日目 藍染体験「watanabe’s」と藍染店
2日目 「長尾織布」でしじら織
3日目 藍の商売で栄えた城下町「うだつ」

I had an indigo dyeing experience in Oume in the spring and launched indigo Myanmar pants in the summer. This year, I are attracted to indigo, also known as Japan blue. And the place where indigo is produced is Tokushima. I have always wanted to visit there someday. 
Since information was scarce, I went to the Kagawa/Tokushima antenna store in Yurakucho to get a pamphlet. However, the distance from Tokushima Station to the indigo dyeing studio and store was too far to go without a car (I was in tears), so I made a tight schedule and headed for Tokushima.
Day 1: indigo dyeing experience at “Watanabe’s" and indigo dyeing store
Day 2: Shijira-ori at Nagao Orifu
Day 3: “Udatsu," a castle town where the indigo business flourished

After taking a cab around Bizan, I first went to the indigo dye store Okumura + Aiya Kazo Shoten. There was an exhibition and sale of indigo dye artists’ works. It is fashionable. Unfortunately, we could not see the indigo mansion of the Okumura family, a big indigo merchant, and the indigo mansion in the museum because it was being renovated.

I then went to “watanabe’s" for the indigo dyeing experience. Mr. Watanabe, a native of Yamagata, came to Tokushima for training and became an independent indigo dyer. He handles all the processes from indigo cultivation, harvesting, drying, fermentation (making dye dyes), preparation of dyeing solution, dyeing, and commercialization. Although the harvest season had passed, the apprentice showed us his indigo field and explained the process of making indigo dye.





Canvas fabric for the pouch I brought. Soaking my hands in the indigo solution makes me feel relaxed.
I was told that Indigo is still young and sprightly, about 17 years old? stuff said Yes! The indigo is so vibrant that the fabric and my hands are turning bright blue. It was a nice dye job.