Vol.17 Taiwan Huabu | 台湾花布

Asia | アジア,Taiwan | 台湾


台湾の布といえば、台湾花布(タイワンファーブー, 客家花布とも)。懐かしいおばーちゃんの布的な存在だったのが、レトロ可愛いってことで近年ブレイク。花布柄のお土産は定番に。

2019, Feb. This is my third time in Taiwan after 15 years.
The most famous Taiwanese cloth is Taiwan huabu -Taiwanese floral fabrics- . It used to be a nostalgic cloth for grandmothers, but in recent years, it has become popular because of its cute retro style. Souvenirs with flower patterns have become a staple.In search of Taiwanese huafu, I went to Dihua Street, a busy wholesale district for Chinese herbs, dried foods, and cloths.

It is a bit of a retro Chinatown, and young creators are starting to set up stores in the back alleys. It is like Asakusabashi – Kuramae – Okachimachi. The cloth wholesaler is located in Yongle Market. The first floor is a food store, the second floor is a cloth wholesale store, and the third floor is a tailor shop. As soon as you go up the elevator, you will see a store specializing in Taiwanese floral fabrics. Original bags and pouches in colorful floral fabrics are sold here.

The pattern is the same, so take your time choosing colors. Red, black, yellow, yellowish green, light blue, and even vinyl coated cloth. Since the cloths are to be taken home in hand luggage, they were carefully selected!


Where is the cloth factory? I asked the shopkeeper with gestures, but he couldn’t communicate well. She used a translation app to help me, ”This is Taiwanese flower cloth, some of which we developed ourselves.”
”It is a traditional color and used to be cotton-filled, but we have now developed it into many different things," She explained. Xie Xie.


After the purchase, we circled the wholesale stores. Except for Taiwan flower cloth, I did not find any unusual fabrics, so I will look into ethnic minorities when I come back to the market again.
The Yongle Market has a system where you buy fabrics on the second floor and have them tailored on the third floor. Retro sewing machines were lined up, and a tailor was working on a sewing machine. I wish I had asked them about the price of his work.

市場を出た後は胡椒餅を頬張りつつ、迪化街を散策。観光地でもあるので、台湾ならではの雰囲気と活気を楽しめました。After leaving the market, I strolled around Dihua Street while eating pepper cakes. As it is also a tourist spot, I enjoyed the unique atmosphere and liveliness of Taiwan.