Vol.7 Indonesia Batik | インドネシア・バティック体験

Asia | アジア,Indonesia | インドネシア




I went to Ubud, Bali to experience batik (wax dyeing). A girl picked me up at my hotel, and we rode a motorcycle together through the city of Ubud to a workshop in the suburbs. Swaru Bali is owned by a Japanese woman living in Ubud who studied dyeing in Yogyakarta. A Balinese woman worked with me.

(1) Select a design from a sample of drafts.
2) Draft the design with a pencil on a white cloth.
3) Trace the draft with hot wax.
4) Dyeing.


Using a special tool (chan ting), the artist draws little by little by scooping out the hot wax as if the wax were coming out of a small hole. It is a little tricky, and until you get it right, the wax may drip or get on your hand. Apply a thick layer of wax to the area you want to keep white from both sides. Use a thin tool for small dots.



スワルバリ バティック体験 3万ルピー(2400円ぐらいです)

I left the rest of the process to them. I put on the liquid to make it sticky, dried it, and went to pick up the finished product the next day. The next day, I went to pick up the finished product, a cute original handkerchief! 
The experience revealed the beauty of the craftsmen’s handiwork. I wondered how many years it takes to make such beautiful batik.

Swarbali Batik Experience 30,000 rupees (about 2,400 yen)