vol.21 retela & Monomachi | リテラ & モノマチ

Airtist,Tokyo Stroll | 東京きじさんぽ



Okachimachi – Kuramae – Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo. Since I started making pouches, I often go to Kuramae for parts and other items. It is fun to walk around the town, where there are stores and cafes of young creators in the Showa-era streets of manufacturing and wholesale stores.
Let’s go to “Monomachi," a manufacturing event in this Kuzura area.

The first stop is Taito Designer’s Village. An elementary school building is used as a workshop for young creators, and you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the school and the fun of making things, such as accessories and leather goods.

そしてなんと偶然、注目していたテキスタイルデザイナーの工房を発見!YURI HIMUROさんの、切って楽しむカワイイテキスタイル。編み込んでいる糸をカットすると、下地の模様が出てくるという。夏らしい色合いの布を、壁に飾る用に1枚購入。ハサミを入れるのがもったいない。。
I found a textile designer’s studio that caught my attention! When you cut the yarn that is woven into the fabric, the pattern of the underlying fabric appears. I bought one piece of fabric in summery colors to hang on the wall. It’s a waste to put scissors in it.

Next, we went to the new atelier store of “retela," a designer friend of mine. The space, converted from an old private house, is nostalgic but has its own unique world.


Classic Indian block prints are printed on cloth while stamping. The cloth used as the base of the print becomes, through the beauty of chance, like an abstract painting of contemporary art. The brand of this fabric is “retela. New values are infused into the breath of Indian craftsmanship.

They were selling not only products but also fabrics, so I bought these as well. I was given a verbal OK to make and sell pouches.

I made a pouch like this ^^.