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ADHEX, the world’s largest falconry exhibition, and an additional article because of requests to see more photos.


Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, discovered oil in 1958, paved roads were built in 1961, and the country became independent in 1971.
It took only 50 years to change from the Viet Win life in the desert to the life in the city of the future. Although they import all kinds of commodities to live in the city, they are very proud of their traditional lifestyle and culture, and this falconry exhibition was a great success.






As a part of Abu Dhabi’s cultural program, ADHEX was introducing Abu Dhabi tourism, Nippon Oil Corporation, Japan Promotion, and other cultural activities. The Japanese drumming lecture at the Nippon Oil booth was very popular, and there was a Japanese drumming group with Japanese and local people. A Japanese falconer also came to the booth to introduce Japanese products.
The venue is only for Abu Dhabi men in white kanduras and turbans to see eagles, cars and rifles. There was also a huge dog run with a camel, horse, and pedigreed dog show. For some reason, only the cats were for sale by a volunteer group. There were a few children with their parents, and some of them looked like they were buying hawks for their children.