vol.27 Indigo Dyeing | 藍染体験

Tokyo Stroll | 東京きじさんぽ

I have experienced indigo dyeing at Kosoen in Oume!

After receiving a lecture, the participants worked hard on dyeing the canvas for the pouch.

をくり返すこと2時間で11回!!回数が多いほど、藍の色が染み込むそう。Dip in indigo dye and soak while squeezing, then stretch and soak in the bottom of the dye for 3 minutes. Squeeze and stretch it out and let it air dry.
Repeat this process 11 times in 2 hours! The more times it is soaked, the more the indigo color soaks in.

After washing with water and looking at the dyeing process,

A nice pale indigo color. I heard that canvas is hard to dye, but the exquisite pale blue is somehow stylish.

On the way, a young craftsman told us about the process of indigo dye production. Indigo is produced by five families in Tokushima who carry on the traditional method, and Tsuboso-en sources its production from one of them. What is different from herb dyeing is that the indigo is fermented to make the dye.

Then we will dry it at home and pouch it from there.

Pre-sale products at Tsubosouen. Washing and drying after dyeing.
There were many wonderful natural indigo-dyed clothes!

青梅 壺草苑 Kosoen

You can also enjoy sightseeing in Ome, a retro Showa-era town!