vol.23 Ceramic artist Aya Tanaka | 陶芸家 田中礼


陶芸家、 田中礼さんの展覧会でポーチを作らせていただきました。

展示会場の中目黒のギャラリー、little taoに伺い、初めて直接お会いして、作品を見ました。

I made a pouch for ceramic artist Rei Tanaka’s exhibition.
The pouch was made from a printed fabric based on a ceramic artwork.

I visited the gallery, little tao in Nakameguro, where the exhibition was held, and met the artist and saw her work for the first time. Ceramic works made in Seto. Aya’s emotional movement was projected on the ceramics, and touching them directly brought back my own deep memories and senses.

WORK SHOP『こねて、おして、文様皿』にも参加、瀬戸の土を使って、田中礼さんと一緒に文様皿を作りました。

We also participated in the WORK SHOP “Kneading, pressing, and designing plates" and made plates with Ms. Rei Tanaka using clay from Seto City. We were shown how to make a pattern on a plate, and then we connected the clay and worked on the pattern by ourselves. I felt free to make the finished product, but I could not make a beautiful pattern like Aya’s.

AYA TANAKA exhibition2020
10 月2 日(金) - 10 月13 日(火)

-陶芸家 田中礼-





Born in Tottori, Japan, she studied ceramics in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, the city of Setomonono, and continues to work in Seto.
Mountains, calm sea, sky, wind, people, plants, and memories that have passed through her mind. They spring up randomly and lead her to her creations.
The soft clay changes its shape and form vividly by her hands. As she dries and fires the clay, it transforms into a hard substance, which is then decorated. Surprises, impressions, and flashes of inspiration that well up during the production process are projected onto the work.
It is left to the viewer and encouraged to imagine. It may be a sea creature, a plant, a creature from outer space, or sometimes it may be a vividly revived Jomon earthenware.