Vol.6 Indonesia Batik, Javan chintz | インドネシアバティック-ジャワ更紗-

Asia | アジア,Indonesia | インドネシア



Java Chintz. Also known as batik, it was influenced by Indian chintz and developed into its own unique wax-balloon dyeing process in Indonesia.
Yogyakarta, an ancient city of arts and crafts where there used to be a kingdom, is famous for batik. Indonesians wear batik as formal wear, and the best ones are said to cost between 10,000 and 50,000 yen. There are many batik workshops and boutiques in Yogyakarta, and we observed the process of block printing and wax-blot dyeing.


The wax-dyeing process involves drafting with a stiff pencil, tracing the draft with wax, and dyeing.


Purchased fabric with a combination of traditional patterned block print + wax-dyed fabric, Java chintz pouch was created.