Vol.4 Minnanthu Village, bagan, myanmar | ミャンマー・バガン ミンナトゥ村

Asia | アジア,Myanmar | ミャンマー


世界三大仏教聖地のバガンで、ミンナトゥ村 を訪れました。1年前に電気が通ったという600人ほどの自給自足の村。村で機織りを見せてもらいました。

Myanmar is a country of textiles.
Even today, people wear hand-woven traditional costumes called “longyi" in their daily lives. In Bagan, one of the world’s three major Buddhist holy sites, I visited the village of Minnatu.This is a self-sufficient village of about 600 people where electricity was installed one year ago. We were shown weaving in the village.

There are cotton trees in the village, and the cotton is spun to make silk yarn, which is then dyed and woven on a loom. A series of handwork of weaving was done in the village.

A Myanmar woman explained in English and applied tanaka (sunscreen) to my face. The finished textiles are sold on the spot, and a simple hand-woven tablecloth costs about $5 or more.
The young peddlers at the souvenir shop seemed honest and friendly, and the older people did not care about the tourists.

Handicrafts are still deeply rooted in daily life, and people in Myanmar, both in the countryside and in the city, wear beautifully woven “longyis" that suit their body shape on a daily basis, and in my opinion they are the most fashionable in Asia.