vol.3 Feedsack | フィードサック USA

U.S.A | アメリカ


Japan’s largest antique jamboree with antique stores from all over the country. I dropped by after the Design Festa at Big Sight. I got the impression that many of the items looked more expensive than at an outdoor antique market.



I strolled around, wondering if there were any nice antique cloths. There were old indigo-dyed fabrics, fire-fighting costumes from the Edo period, Ainu festival costumes, hand-woven fabrics of Southeast Asian ethnic minorities, women’s kimonos from the Meiji and Taisho periods, and vintage and antique fabrics from the United States and Europe. The ability to pick up items that could be found in an ethnographic museum and listen to the shopkeeper’s explanations is perhaps the best part of the event.

Then, I found a feed sack that I had been curious about for a while. A feedsack is a cotton bag used to store feed and grain in the 1920s to 1950s in the United States. They had cute prints on them and became very popular because housewives reused the cloth from the sacks. Now they are popular as vintage collections and for quilters, and were sold in a quilt size (about 22x25cm). The feedsack pouch, unfortunately, was sold out.