vol.26 Exhibition@Shinagawa | 品川 PORTO

Exhibition | 展示会

From December 11, 2021, the porch will be on display at the social bar PORTO Shinagawa. Located at SHINAGAWA1930, a renovated old house in Kita-Shinagawa on the old highway, the bar offers natural food, Thai food, and okonomiyaki for lunch on different days of the week, and is a social bar at night.

期 間:2021年12月11日(土)〜 2022年 5月ぐらまで開催中
場 所:ソーシャルバー PORTO @ SHINAGAWA1930
時 間:ランチ、ソーシャルバーと店長が変わるので、SNSをご確認ください


Kita-Shinagawa is the first inn town on the ”Tokaido”. There are also historical spots where you can enjoy walking around the town.

旧東海道 品川宿(約3km) 街道沿いは整備され、夜になると雰囲気があります。

Street Walking Spots 1
Old Tokaido Shinagawa-juku (about 3 km) Well maintained street with a nice atmosphere at night.
Street Walking Spot 2
Fuji mound at Shinagawa Shrine. You can climb a mini Mt.Fuji. The view is great, but if you are afraid of heights, it is a bit scary to climb.
Street Walking Spot 3
Boat pool. Before the Shinagawa coast was reclaimed, the other side of the Tokaido Highway was the sea. Many houseboats are a remnant of the seaside town.