Exhibition | 展示会

谷中茶室 汲の亭主にお声がけいただき、モダンな茶室で展示販売を行いました。絵画とアロマとの3者展。谷根千散策を楽しみながらの来場者も多くいらっしゃいました。


We were invited by the proprietor of Yanaka Tea House KOMINO to exhibit and sell our work in his modern tea room. This was a three-way exhibition with paintings and aroma. Many visitors came while enjoying a stroll in Yanesen.

Sitting on a tatami mat in the style of an Edo period kimono shop, visitors felt like merchants, and a full-fledged tea ceremony was held in the tea room on the second floor. We also stayed one night at a nearby ryokan and took an early morning stroll among the temples and shrines of Yanaka. We had an elegant autumn time!



Jin Hiyamaのアート(視覚)、Tokyo Pouchのルームウェアと世界の生地を楽しむポーチ(触覚)、monkey puzzleのオーダーメイドaroma oil(嗅覚)+ herb&spiceのお酒(味覚)、五感を刺激するライフエッセンスで、室内を自分だけの至福空間/時間にカスタマイズしてください。

Three up-and-coming artists will have a session in this special exhibition to let guests experience the best solution to the indoor life of the future. Guests will also be served tea (for a fee). Please come and visit us while strolling around Yanesen.
Customize your room with Jin Hiyama’s art (sight), Tokyo Pouch’s loungewear and pouches to enjoy fabrics from around the world (touch), monkey puzzle’s custom-made aroma oil (smell) + herb & spice’s alcohol (taste), and life essences that stimulate all five senses to create your own personal bliss space/time.

期 間:2021年10月16日(土)〜31日(日)※月・金定休
場 所:谷中茶室 汲 
時 間:11:30〜19:00